DFM 3.6 to 3.7 Migration


IHAC who is interested in migrating from the DFM  3.6 to 3.7.1D10.

The current installation has hardwired IPs and cannot be moved.

They are interested in installing the 3.7.1D10 on a different machine, migrating the data from the current installation, move the service to the new installation . After the new install is confirmed ok, the old install will be decommissioned.

I am looking to for the guidelines of such a project.

Please advise.


Misha Geberger

Technical Global Advisor

Re: DFM 3.6 to 3.7 Migration

Take a backup of the dfm db in the machine running 3.6 using dfm backup create command.

restore the backup in the new machine running 3.7 using dfm backup restore command.

Note only db and perf data are backedup during backup create.

Following are not moved.

pluginsDir                            /opt/NTAPdfm/plugins
reportsArchiveDir                     /opt/NTAPdfm/reports/

If you have any data here,after restore stop the service, copy the data under these dir from 3.6 and paste in 3.7

under the same/appropriate  dir as per the output of the

dfm options list | grep -i dir