DFM 3.7.D7 does not refresh filer data

We recently removed upwards of 34 empty volumes from a particular filer. DFM still shows the volumes present even after issuing the "refresh group monitor" command and issuing the "host discover filername" command from the DFM server gui.

Also, we're trying to use protection manager to snap vault to that particular filer and it still thinks the space is carved out of the resource pool even though the volumes have long since been deleted and we are unable to creation the backup relationship due to this.

There seems to be some of a disconnect when applying the changes to the dataset where DFM / PM still think that those deleted volumes are occupying the aggregate space, so we're thrown a "Nearly full Threshold" alert upon creation.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Re: DFM 3.7.D7 does not refresh filer data


You can try deleting these volumes manually from the Operations Manager interface

Navigate to the following:

Control Center(tab) -> Member Details(tab) -> File Systems -> Volumes all (in the drop-down menu)

-> Check the appropriate volumes and click on the delete button located at the bottom of your webpage

I've attached a screenshot, please check it out

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja