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DFM 3.8 PA- custom views don't show all the data

In Performace Advisor, I set up some custom views for filers and counters that are already in some of the other canned views. In my custom view, I can only see the data starting from the time when I made the view. Is this the way it's supposed to work? Like I said, in the other canned views I can go back in time and look at the data for the counters, but not in my new custom view.


Re: DFM 3.8 PA- custom views don't show all the data

Hi there,

That's a limitation in 3.8 and it is addressed in 4.0.

The custom views in Performance Advisor 3.8 would start collecting data from the time of its creation, irrespective of the fact whether the historical data for those counters are available or not. This means that we end up collecting redundant data, which can increase the load on the storage systems and over-utilize the capacity on the DFM server to store performance data. With that being said, PA 4.0 has overcome these limitations:

- When you create custom views by specifying specific instances (objects). The data collection does not start from view creation time but all the historical data already collected is displayed

- You also have the advantage of create custom views similar to the default views, that aren't tied to any specific objects (instances). Just like creating a custom view template.

PA 4.0 has lot of improvements compared to its predecessors. Check it out yourself

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja