DFM 4.0.1 PA -> FAS6280 8.0.2P3


i added today our new System to the DFM to monitor and collect performance data from this System.

- System is added to DFM/PA

- Login Credentials are good

- Perf Advistor Transport HTTPSOk

- dfm diag host is clean/good.

In our NMC/PA System is listed but:

Perf Status: filer-data-unavailable

Host Status: Unknown

On the System i have no syslog messages logged.

Any Ideas?

cheers Soeren

Re: DFM 4.0.1 PA -> FAS6280 8.0.2P3

Hi Soeren,

     Is the filer running 8.0.2P3 in Cluster Mode or 7Mode ? What version of DFM are you using ?



Re: DFM 4.0.1 PA -> FAS6280 8.0.2P3

DFM is Version 4.0.2, 4.0.1 is a typo. The System run in 7-Mode.

Re: DFM 4.0.1 PA -> FAS6280 8.0.2P3


PA will take some time to collect the data from the controller. Once the data is available the status will be changed from Red to Green and also you can view the PA graphs.


Re: DFM 4.0.1 PA -> FAS6280 8.0.2P3

Well thats wrong, when you turn on "data collection" the status change immediately to green and i got the two wrong status infos:

about host status and perf status. I got a test system with OM 5, there the host status is ok, but still Perf Status is filer-data-unavailable.


Well, in my old environment the data collection status went always on green after i turned data collection on. in my Oncommand 5.0 environment KJag is right, it take some time.

Since the PA collect now data with oncommand 5.0 i guess it just dont work with 4.0.2. :-(

looking forward for oncommand 5.1