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DFM 5 : send snmp traps to Tivoli


I am using "OnCommand Unified Manager" 5.0.2 and I would like to send alerts to Tivoli through SNMP

The problem is that it seems that the dfm.mib in the "misc" folder of OCUM 5 is relative to NETWORK-APPLIANCE-MIB

Notice : I first loaded netapp.mib and the dfm.mib

This problem is similar to the post #31429, but the information related to OpenView in the faq does not help

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Re: DFM 5 : send snmp traps to Tivoli

I found the solution : since dfm.mib is related to NETWORK-APPLIANCE-MIB and not NETAPP-MIB, which is available with ONTAP, I modified the IMPORTS in dfm.mib as follow :



                    FROM NETWORK-APPLIANCE-MIB




               FROM NETAPP-MIB

And it works