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DFM CLI Reporting Questions

I would like to create a custom script that modifies a DFM report. The output of the script is going to generate an HTML page.  I would like the user to be able to call up the HTML page from the server as http://dfmserver:8080/new_page.html

What directory do I need to put this page in so it can be accessed by a web user?

I would also like to know if there is a way to sort multiple columns from the "dfm report view -s " CLI.  I can sort by one column, but I could not figure out how to sort by multiple columns.




Re: DFM CLI Reporting Questions


You can put your html files under /opt/NTAPdfm/web folder.

I copied a bookmarks.html to that folder and was able to access it using: http://server:8080/bookmarks.html

AFAIK, it is not possible to sort by two columns in the report.

As an alternative (since you are anyway writing a script), I would suggest you connect to the DFM db directly and run the SQL or use the "dfm database query run" cli to run the SQL.

You can do multiple column sorts using sql.



Re: DFM CLI Reporting Questions

Thanks Raja!  I will give the SQL commands a try - hadn't thought of that.  It might be much easier!

Thanks for the quick reply!

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Hi Raja:

First of all - the ability to query the dfm database directly is EXTREMELY useful!!  I knew it was there, just haven't taken the time to play with it.

I am playing around with the report output formats.  I'm trying to clean up the output a little bit so I can just have some basic html tables with the data.  I see the available report formats are paragraph, perl, and csv.

I'm trying to think of a way I can have a simple framework available to generate an html page whenever I run a SQL query against the database.

The text output works - but I just want to clean it up into a table.

Do you have any ideas on how I could approach this and what query output format might work?

Thanks again!



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Is there a document where the DFM database tables  (i.e. objectView, aggregateView, volumeView etc..) documented ?  I would like to query these tables, but don't know the database/table structure.



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Hi Shyam,

In the GUI of your DFM server go to the help menu and select General Help.

In the help contents list expand database schema.

You should find the information you are looking for there.


Re: DFM CLI Reporting Questions

Awesome, Thanx