DFM Console on ubuntu anyone?

I've installed the DFM console 3.0 on my ubuntu 10.04 installation, and at first glance it appears to be working, however when I got to add a stat to one of my views by dragging it up from the bottom portion of the window, my whole session freezes and I have to kill the JRE from the command line.

Has anyone gotten this working? I may have to resort to a windows VM to run the console.



Re: DFM Console on ubuntu anyone?

NetApp Management Console is supported on only those linux platforms on which DFM server is supported.

Ubuntu is not a supported platform.



Re: DFM Console on ubuntu anyone?


Adding to adai's point: you can check the supported platforms in atatched screenshot:

Plus, you can check out the netapp's interoperabilty matrix tool - It really gives you some good info:

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Shiva Raja