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DFM DR Mirror and Backup, then backup

I need to implement a DFM backup policy with DR Mirror and Backup in a first step, and then backup the backup of primary. This template don't exit, but I receive the following :

Guideline : Node is a mirror copy (Read Only ) then, I have to create a Application Dataset, register the backupversion with protection manager and then apply the protection policy as“Mirror” . If this is the case , you need to take care of the retention times …

Is somebody can explain the way how I can do the register backup version?  by api script or dfm command line

Thanx in advance


DFM DR Mirror and Backup, then backup

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to achieve. Could you try drawing a picture showing the topology you want?

One thing you won't be able to do is have a Primary->Backup->Second Backup, where both connections are Backup connections. ONTAP doesn't have a way to cascade backup relationships (neither QSM or SnapVault support this).

-- Pete

Re: DFM DR Mirror and Backup, then backup

In command line, I can create without problem a snapmirror relation between with, in primary, a snapvault volume destination.

However for DFM, I have to create two dataset, first standard DR Mirror and Backup. Second Mirror attached to a applicative Dataset.

- Create applicative dataset

- Add manually aggr1 for primary data resource pool

- Attach Protection Policy type Mirror.

The problem is with the applicative Dataset, primary retention are not managed by DFM himself.

So how can I do for tranferring the snapshot of snapvault destination on the first dataset to Backup DR?



Re: DFM DR Mirror and Backup, then backup

Finally found a solution with steps :

- Create applicative Dataset bkpbkp


is-application-responsible-for-primary-backup <-- true

- Create Backup version


- Attach physical ressources aggr1 to dataset

dfpm dataset add  bkpbkp nas2:aggr1

-Attach protection policy Mirror to Dataset bkpbkp

On volumes created in aggr1 will be mirrored to the disaster site. Only one backup version of bkpbkp dataset exists.