DFM ( Data Fabric Manager ) login issue

Hello Friends,

I just install and configure DFM 4.0.2 on my very first welcome page what is my login credential ????

I type all my credential but i got error for username & password...

Anybody have any information for this ????

Please share...i appreciate you...



Re: DFM ( Data Fabric Manager ) login issue

Right after installation there is only one user that can login - the one you were logged in as when running the installation.

Authorization is inside Operations Manager, the user used for installation gets full control.

Authentication is performed in the underlying operating system - local or ad account on windows, passwd nis or ldap on linux.

You can obviously add more users and groups once you manage to login.

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Re: DFM ( Data Fabric Manager ) login issue


You should be able to login through Administrator account or AD Administrator. Later on you can add users to DFM and provide them access roles so that you can login from those users to use DFM.