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DFM - Default thresholds


I have an issue with VolumeNearlyFull threshold, I have changed the default threshold limit from 95% to 98%, even though am getting alert mails for 95%  (VolumeNearlFull).

i changed this in Global settings= Settings-->Options--->Default Thresholds....

please help me to reslove this issue.




Re: DFM - Default thresholds

Hi Jeetu,

I'm not much of an expert on Operations Manager, but I think if you set up a specific volume setting to 98% it will override whichever global default is currently in effect.

Home --> Group Status --> Summary --> click on (number of) volumes --> click on your volume --> under Volume Tools in the lower left corner, click on Edit Quota Settings --> enter desired value in Volume Nearly Full Threshold window --> click Update --> OK.

As for global default, perhaps it just needs to be refreshed. Not sure how to do that, though.



Re: DFM - Default thresholds

Just tested it successfully... I've set up a volume, left default Volume Nearly Full Threshold at 80%, defined volume's own threshold at 85% and started copying data.

Surely enough, at 81% nothing happened - but as soon as crossed the 85% limit, a "Volume Almost Full" event was registered and Global warning was issued.

Re: DFM - Default thresholds


Thanks for your immediate reply, but I have a query that after made changes on Global setting to 98% also am getting alerts for 95%.

As you said, if I see in ‘Edit Volume Quota Settings’

Volume Full Threshold (%)

If no value entered, default (99) will be used.

Volume Nearly Full Threshold (%)

If no value entered, default (98) will be used.

I request you to cheange your settings from 85% to 98% and let me know the result.



Re: DFM - Default thresholds

Same thing happened. I left defaults for NearlyFull and Full to 80% and 90% respectively, and made a 98% and 99% setup for the test volume. I copied data carefully to make sure OM has time enogh to register space consumption, and as soon as volume capacity reached 98% - it registered the event and a warning was issued. Local settings override the global defaults.

Re: DFM - Default thresholds

I have done the settings as you mentioned. (Global settings are as default…… 95% for VolumeNearlyFull and 99% Volume full).

I set up a specific volume setting to 98% but no luck ...... is there any time interval to get update after changing the threshold settings.


Re: DFM - Default thresholds

As far as I know, the change in threshold is immediate. You can double-check with this command:

dfm volume get <storage_name>:/<volume_name>

I don't know why it's still sending out alerts on 95%... This should do the trick.


Re: DFM - Default thresholds

Hi Igor,

I checked it I got the below output.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Operations Manager 2005>dfm volume get cdelbcfpnas01:


Volume: nas-st2:/volst

Volume Full Threshold (%): 99

Volume Nearly Full Threshold (%): 98

Volume Full Threshold Interval: 00:05:00

Enable User Quota Alerts: No

User Quota Full Threshold (%): 99

User Quota Nearly Full Threshold (%): 90

Volume Snap Reserve Full Threshold(%): 90

Volume Nearly No First Snapshot Threshold(%): 80

Volume No First Snapshot Threshold(%): 90

Volume Space Reserve Nearly Depleted Threshold(%): 80

Volume Space Reserve Depleted Threshold(%): 90

Volume Growth Event Minimum Change (%): 1

Volume Quota Nearly Overcommitted Threshold (%): 98

Volume Quota Overcommitted Threshold (%): 100

Volume Snapshot Count Threshold: 250

Volume Too Old Snapshot Threshold : 6 weeks

I used to get the below mentioned error alerts.

CONSOLE COLOR CODE(5-Critical/4-Major/3-Minor/2-Info/1-Repaired/0-Clear) : 5

SUMMARY : volumeFull


SOURCE : NetApp ApplianceWatch - volumeFull - /vol/volst is nearly full (using or reserving 95% of space and 50% of inodes, using 95% of reserve)./vol/vol0 is full (using or reserving 98% of space and 35% of inodes, using 98% of reserve)./vol/dmedical is nearly


Kindly check and let me know is there any changes needs to be done..............




Re: DFM - Default thresholds

Hi Igor,

Please find the DFM version details below.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Operations Manager 2005>dfm version

dfbm.exe (3.7)

dfcm.exe (3.7)

dfdrm.exe (3.7)

dfpm.exe (3.7)

dfm.exe (3.7)

dfmcheck.exe (3.7)

dfmconfig.exe (3.7)

dfmconsole.exe (3.7)

dfmmonitor.exe (3.7)

dfmperf.exe (3.7)

dfmscheduler.exe (3.7)

dfmserver.exe (3.7)

dfmwatchdog.exe (3.7)

eventd.exe (3.7)

grapher.exe (3.7)


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Re: DFM - Default thresholds

As far as I can see, everything is set up properly.