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DFM/PM 4.0 and filer names/addresses


My customer is using the above PM to create snapmirror replication to a DR site.  The source site and the DR site have a routable 10G vlan, with filer interfaces on it.  The filers are 3170s and 3160s, with their 100Mb management port IPs being the ones associated with vFiler0 names in DNS.  Is there a work-around that will allow PM to use the 10Gb interface as both source and destination for snapmirror?


Re: DFM/PM 4.0 and filer names/addresses

Yes. At the filer level set the hostpreffered ip addr to the desired ones.

# dfm host set

Valid options are

hostLogin Login

hostPassword Password

hostLoginProtocol Login Protocol

hostPreferredAddr1 Preferred IP address 1

hostPreferredAddr2 Preferred IP address 2



Re: DFM/PM 4.0 and filer names/addresses

This worked! Thanks, Adai.