DFM Role Separation: Caveat Emptor

So, according to TR-3440, the best practice for scaling out your DFM environment is to have 2 DFM servers: one for Provisioning Manager and Monitoring/Reporting, while the other dedicated to Data Protection Manager.  Well, while in the process of implementing this suggested configuration, I ran into a huge paradox:  If I separate out the reporting from the DPM instance, how can I report on Datasets?  This defeats the whole purpose of doing this and has put me in a real bind with the customer.  The only way I see out of this, in order to maintain this configuration is:

1) recreate the Datasets on the PA/Monitoring/Reporting instance and disabling the datatsets.  Hopefully this will continue the monitoring, but not data protection

2) some secret way of having my monitoring node get the dataset config info from my DPM instance for only monitoring and reporting(I highly doubt this is possible)

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.  Thanks in advanced.

DFM Role Separation: Caveat Emptor

If I am right this same question has been asked few more times in forum and every time the answer was you can't share one OnCommand/DFM DB among different servers.

Not sure why DFM/OC team is taking so long to implement a basic thing which fundamently existed in every DB from their version 1 release.

Wish OC team can understand that adding features is not the answer it's all about how good you implement them.