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DFM Upgrade to OnCommand

Hello All,

We are planning to upgrade DFM to OnCommand, Please find the DFM version.

C:\>dfm version

dfbm.exe (4.0.2)

dfdrm.exe (4.0.2)

dfpm.exe (4.0.2)

dfm.exe (4.0.2)

dfmcheck.exe (4.0.2)

dfmconfig.exe (4.0.2)

dfmconsole.exe (4.0.2)

dfmmonitor.exe (4.0.2)

dfmperf.exe (4.0.2)

dfmscheduler.exe (4.0.2)

dfmserver.exe (4.0.2)

dfmwatchdog.exe (4.0.2)

eventd.exe (4.0.2)

grapher.exe (4.0.2)

To Oncommand. Could you please let me known on a suitable version and Implementation steps for the same.

Thanks in Advance

Re: DFM Upgrade to OnCommand


OnCommand Core package 5.0.1 is available on now site. Its a simple upgrade from 4.0.2 to 5.0.1. Even IAG is available in the documentation section.

If you are managing Virtual Environment (VMware), you can have a look at OnCommand Host Package documentation.



Re: DFM Upgrade to OnCommand

Thank you Arun, Please correct me if I am Wrong.

you Mean If the existing DFM Server is installed on a Physical Machine we have to go with Core Package.

If its installed in a VMware host we have to go with Host Package.

Thanks Again

Re: DFM Upgrade to OnCommand

HI Selvan,

   NO, not that way.

   Core Package is higher version of DFM. i.e you can say core package is DFM 5.0.1. So irrespective of where you have installed DFM upgrade to core package there itself.


   HostPackage is an extension to DFM from version 5.0 onwards. This will enable you to manage your VMware infrastructure (i.e to backup / restore VM's in your vCenter) and it tightly coupled with core package.



Re: DFM Upgrade to OnCommand

Awesome, So Just to Perform Monitoring It's OK if we install Core Package's Hope I am right ? .

Just went through the steps on upgrade .  It was just click - Next , During the upgrade it automatically asks to take Database backup That's fine. But thus Database backup would have Configuration's of DFM which i doubt.

If not, Is there a way to take configuration back of DFM. ( We are bit concerned as we are upgrading from DFM to OnCommand , Since DFM is the only monitoring tool is our Production environment  )

Re: DFM Upgrade to OnCommand

Yes, the database would have all the configuration of the previous state before upgrade is done ( Would suggest to have a DFM database backup, just to be on safer side if you have any concerns).  Upgrade procedure is seamless and will have no impact on the current configuration set up on the DFM server, just that you have the version change of the DFM running once the upgrade is done.

Re: DFM Upgrade to OnCommand

Thanks Seshu for your prompt response,

That's Great that database backup would have configuration's as well.

Earlier when i took backup of database while upgrading the version 3.X to 4.X I used to get only a single file .

Do you mean that when we restore the DFM from the backup file It would restore the data's and configuration of DFM which is required In case of backup out plan ?

Is Yes, Did you get a chance/situation where you went a ahead with the DFM restoration.

Re: DFM Upgrade to OnCommand

I asked to have a database back to ensure that the upgrade procedure goes with out any issues, In case if there are any issues encountered with the upgrade procedure you can still fall back to the database backed up.

Backing up the data base is just to play safe side with the upgrade procedure. I hope this answers your question.

The data base back up is the instance of the configuration and data till the time it was backed up. Once upgrade is done there may be changes to the data and the configurations during the course of time. There is no need to restore any data base if the upgrade procedure is done with out any issues. Once upgrade is done you will have the same data base in tact with the current configuration settings.

Re: DFM Upgrade to OnCommand

Hi Aravind,

     OnCommand Core Package is the next version of DFM 4.0. Both OnCommand and DFM still use the DFM server which is the discovery/monitoring/alerting engine.

A database backup ( the file which ends as *.ndb) contains the following directory inside it.

Data ,Perf Data & Scripts-Plugin.

Data Dir contains the embedded sybase database namely monitordb.db and monitordb.log files.

Perf Data Dir contains the performance advisor flat file for each host and trend file.

Scripts-Plugin Dir contains the scripts its outputs and other associated files.

All configuration that you have done to your old dfm is always stored in one of these directories. In most cases inside the db.

Hope this helps you to upgrade to OnCommand 5.0.1 with out any Concerns.



Re: DFM Upgrade to OnCommand

Thank you Arun,Seshu and Arumugam . This information is good for me too proceed with the upgrade, Will keep you posted after Upgrade.