DFM communications errors on FAS after network disruption

Hi All,

I have a  FAS2050  running ONTAP 

DFM server is 4.0.2

Problem occurs if there are any network problems between DFM server and  FAS2050  e.g.  network cable is accidental un-plugged.

Although "normal" data traffic resumes  the DFM server reports all sort  communications errors  like  NDMP down, iSCSI down, NFS down.

Also DFM  protection and provisioning jobs fails.

If I run  "dfm host diags"  every thing passes  EXCEPT  NDMP   Connect which fails wth this error "Can't connect to NDMP server XX.XX.XX.XX (port 10000).

I have checked all the NDMP settings  and they all look OK

If I do nothing and ignore the  many  error messages from DFM, it "fixes" itself after 4 - 5 hours. 

We dont have this problem with the other two NetApp systems on our network

Any suggestions ?



DFM communications errors on FAS after network disruption

Sounds bizarre, generally dfm host diag fixes such problem.

But not sure why NDMP alone takes time.

Can you do a diagnose in the NMC for such host and let us know ?