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DFM core license


I installed a DFM core license, and the number of nodes shown is 1 (see below).  I'm expecting 250.  Is there something wrong with the license I got? 

[root@netappdfm01 ~]# dfm license install xxxxx
Enabled Operations Manager license.
[root@netappdfm01 ~]# dfm license list
Feature          License Code   Serial #    Nodes  Expiration
---------------- -------------- ----------- ------ -----------
core             xxxxx          YYYY           1      18 Jan 2038

Thank you.


DFM core license

Hi Estella

Have a read here:

On the bottom it has a link to "suppress the node limit warnings".


DFM core license


     The linese key you are using is created for managing only 1 node, possibly you have a demo license. Try to get a new license which has limit of managing 250 nodes. Since you are a NetApp employee, you can obtain this from Netapp DFM internal teams or some other internal sites.

warm regards,


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DFM core license

Hi Estella,

     The master license key, for DFM is made $0 and is available at the below location

Note:This license should only be used in production and not for testing/eval or demo purpose.



DFM core license

Thanks Peter for the pointer.  It addresses what I need.