DFM host diag shows old IP for filer -

My NMC is not working - I'm sure it must be because of the IP address shown in the diag below. .46 is an old IP that has changed to .82, I just don't know where the old .46 entry is stuck?

H:\>dfm host diag akntap02
Network Connectivity
IP Address   
Network       (last searched 16 Mar 08:15)
DNS Aliases  
DNS Addresses
SNMP Version in Use    SNMPv1
SNMPv1                 Failed: Timeout
SNMP Community         public
SNMPv3                 Failed: No SNMPv3 username specified.
SNMPv3 Username
ICMP Echo              Failed (Is appliance down?)
HTTP                   Failed (Is appliance down?)
NDMP (login not set)   Skipped
RSH                    Skipped
SSH                    Skipped
RLM                    Skipped (hostRLMAddress is empty)
XML                    Skipped
Appliance Details
According to:   DataFabric Manager server       Host
Host Name
System ID       0142226201
Model           FAS2040
Type            Clustered Storage System
OS Version      8.0.1 7-Mode
Revisions       320,7.3.1,2.0.1

Re: DFM host diag shows old IP for filer -

Solved it - the "primary address" was still on the old one in DFM, so nothing on the filer. All good now.