DFM mbps and kbps - bytes or bits?

When I look at DFM 3.8 (in areas like Storage System -- Network Throughput) where the counter is listed as mb_per_sec or kb_per_sec, is that measurement megabytes/kilobytes or megabits/kilobits per second?

Also when I compare throughput between DFM and sysstat the numbers seem quite different--what am I missing?

Here I have about 70kB/s in sysstat and 150 mb_per_sec (load_total_mbps) or 150,000 (nas_throughput) kb_per_sec in DFM (NAS is the only thing on the filer so they are roughly the same once scaled).

Re: DFM mbps and kbps - bytes or bits?

Those are in bytes, not bits.

Not sure why you are seeing a discrepency in output, are the timelines being compared matching?

Re: DFM mbps and kbps - bytes or bits?

Those timelines are identical.  This is not a one time discrepancy--I see it always on multiple clusters.  We used network port statistics as a tie breaker and decided that Operations Manager is incorrect.  The sysstat and network port statistics lined up nicely.

I was hoping someone else would chime in on their experience, but perhaps I will have to open a case with NetApp to get to the bottom of it.

Re: DFM mbps and kbps - bytes or bits?

NetApp rep says this is a known bug.  I'll wait for a fix.  The graph is incorrect.