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DFM port 2638


is it possible to change the port used for querying the DFM Database? The default port is 2638, but this is also the port Brocade DCFM communicates on, and the DCFM installation fails due to this port already being used by DFM. This European customer will not be using the functionality of querying the DFM database, so they would like to change the portnumber used.


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Re: DFM port 2638


I thought our experts could help answer your question so I moved your post to our Ask the Expert area.  From 2/22 thru 2/26, we have a panel of Brocade and NetApp experts ready to help. Look for a response some time next week.

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Re: DFM port 2638

This question is a bit off our current topic, but let me look into this for you and get you an answer on DFM.

Re: DFM port 2638


Normally questions of this type are best handled by our support team.  However, I checked into this on both the Brocade side and NetApp side and unfortunately it looks like the communication port is not modifiable on DFM or DCFM.

Re: DFM port 2638

We also had this problem. We added in the "sybase.conf" in folder "NetApp\DataFabricManager\DFM\conf" the line "-x tcpip(Host=localhost;ServerPort="other Port as 2638")

and now DCFM and NetApp OM both works fine.

Re: DFM port 2638

Adding this line to sybase.conf worked for me:

-x tcpip(localhost=yes;port=2639)

Then  restart the DFM services

You can check your work on the server

netstat -a  -n -o

Look for the port 2639 and the PID using it

Take the PID, 5624 on my box, and do

tasklist /svc /FI "PID eq 5624"

Should see something like:

dbsrv10.exe  5624 DFMSybase

You can use the same process to determine what PID is using port 2638