DFM5 experience

DFM 5 (OnCommand Core 5) has been released. Could you share your experience? Did you ran into any problems during upgrade or after upgrade? Maybe you did a clean install and you discovered some bugs?   regards Michel

Re: DFM5 experience

btw, version 5.0D1 has been released. Some snapvault related issues resolved  regards Michel

Re: DFM5 experience

There is workaround for the snapvault issue in 5.0 itself. use the options as below.

[root@ ~]# dfm option set ndmpDataUseAllInterfaces=1

Changed use all available IP addresses for NDMP data transfer to 1.

By default the value of this option is zero or OFF.



Re: DFM5 experience

The NOW site still just lists 5.0 available for download and the list of known issues is very long. Some of them prevent us from upgrading - for example, execute reports from CLI. I am just so scared to upgrade DFM (4.0.2) in our environment in case something major no longer works correctly.

When is the next scheduled release and what is likely to be fixed and still broken?



Re: DFM5 experience

So far I've had a pretty good experience with OnCommand Core 5.0. I'm still reasonably new to NetApp to begin with (6+Mths so far). What you could do is for the time being, make a backup of your DFM 4.0.2 database, build a new server with OnCommand 5 on it (on a seperate box of course) and import that database. Then you can run 2 systems concurrently with the same data so you can test. That's how i migrated off our DFM server to OnCommand 5.0.