Data Motion between FAS & V-Series

Is Data Motion between FAS & V-Series supported?  If yes, do the same restrictions apply?



Re: Data Motion between FAS & V-Series

Provisioning manger would do that check for you and disallow if its not applicable.

AFAIK FAS to FAS and Vseries to Vseries is supported, I dont see a reason why FAS to Vseries shouldn't be.



Re: Data Motion between FAS & V-Series

FAS->V-series (OR) FAS -> N-Series (OR) N-Series -> V-Series  is not allowed. Only like to Like is allowed i.e FAS --> FAS, N-Series -> N-Series and V-series -> V-Series.

Re: Data Motion between FAS & V-Series

Assuming Data Motion for vFilers here (not Volume) since you mention moving between two controller platforms.  I don't see anything other than some V-Series specific snapmirror sync requirements... Data Motion requires ONTAP 7.3.3... works on N-Series, FAS, and V-Series... For the Semi-Syncmirror requirement used by Data Motion, the snapmirror sync TR-3326 says the systems must be like systems (FAS3170 <--> V3170) and the FAS must be the same performance disks as used on the V-Series...and as of 7.3.3 the V-Series can have a mix of disks behind the controller but the source and target mirrors must be to the same type disk.  So if these are met for the SnapMirror sync in addition to Data Motion, it should work.  N-Series has always been supported for SnapMirror as long as the same ONTAP as a FAS.

Do you meet the requirements and have you tested a vFiler Data Motion between the FAS and V-Series?  The Operations Manager tests will alert and give errors if the strict requirements for Data Motion (TR3814) are not met.  It should perform the data motion when all the test conditions pass and the snapmirror semi-sync relationship is able to cutover the vFiler between the FAS and V-Series.

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FAS -> Vseries Online or migration is not supported. The following error is thrown even if the Vseries meet all the requirements needed.

Conformance Results

=== SEVERITY ===

Error:     Failed to select a resource.

=== ACTION ===

Select a destination resource for migrating

=== REASON ===

Storage system : ''(5310):

     - Automated Online Migration is not supported as destination storage system ''(5310) model is V3070 and source storage system ''(1309) model is FAS6210

     - Automated Online Migration cannot be done, as the Destination storage system ''(5310) has LUN disk types. Where as source storage system ''(1309) has SAS disk types.

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Re: Data Motion between FAS & V-Series

Good to see the conformance check to know for sure.. Thank you for making it clear with the test. I couldn't find any documentation saying it is not supported... Seems overly protective when all the components used are supported separately and V-Series is on the support list (but only to another V-Series...)..

Does conformance work to NetApp disk on a V-Series if not an aggr to back-end luns? Although in your example another conformance error will pop up so it might need 6210 to 3070 (instead of 3070 to 6210) and not the other way for the snapmirror nvram size bigger or the same on the target semi-sync tests.

Hopefully these restrictions get lifted when 8.x gets the feature to make the product usable...use cases are dwindling with this lock down.

With this locked down so tight, the only option is vfiler migrate without the guaranteed 120 second cutover...but with up-to-date mirrors, it still can migrate fast, but no way to guarantee an ndu like cutover.

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Re: Data Motion between FAS & V-Series

As this would not be best practices but you can get a N-series and V-series to replicate to one another