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Datamotion not allowed to FAS3240

I tried to datamotion a vfiler from a FAS3160 (ONTAP 7.3.4) to a FAS3240 (ONTAP using NetApp Management Console 3.0.1 (dfm 4.0.1) and received the message below from datamotion.  Can anyone explain why this is not allowed?  Datamotion between FAS3070 and FAS3160 is working OK.  I opened a tech support case and was told datamotion does not support the FAS3240.

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Conformance Results

=== SEVERITY ===

Error:     Attention: Failed to select aresource.

=== ACTION ===

Select a destination resource for migrating

=== REASON ===

Storage system : ''(2473):

     - Automated Online Migration is not supported as destination storage system ''(2473) model is FAS3240 and source storage system ''(1669) model is FAS3160


Suggestions related to storage system''(2473):

     - Minimum supported model for Automated Online Migration is FAS3160

Datamotion not allowed to FAS3240

This is a known issue that someone else posted about on the forum (I think a 3270).  Open a support case and they should give you the test point to allow the 3240 to work with Data Motion.  The person who had the 3270 issue reported that support gave them the workaround which we can't post in the forum.

Datamotion not allowed to FAS3240

Here is the thread where the 3270 was unable to data motion (same issue) and fletch2007 reported that support gave him the workaround.

Datamotion not allowed to FAS3240

The support case has been reopened and the workaround will be provided.