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Dataset for virtual object VMware


We're having some questions with moving legacy SMVI 2 jobs to Oncommand 5.0/HP 1.1

Our config is simple: a FAS2040 holds some LUN/VMFS each on different qtree/volume and a 3210 is our snapvault destination

This issue is the following:

  1. we suspend legacy job in SMVI 2
  2. from the web admin, we create a new dataset for vmware object. Policy is "backup" style
  3. we add a VMFS datastore (we call it datastore1) to the policy and conformance starts the provisioning of a new volume on backup node, then starts the snapvault relationship

first issue is here: PM created two relationships with datastore1 and datastore2.... hu? why did it start a relationship with for non select object.

then from here i did this:

  1. I relinquish the "extra" relationship, thinking to myself "i'll import it to another dataset later"
  2. relinquish went fine but suprise! There's no way to import this external relationship into another Vmware dataset. Command line gives similar error saying it's not compatible.

Now I have my snapvault relationship for datastore2 as external and I don't really want to rebaseline...... how could i fix this and import it into a new vmware dataset??

I'm calling out for some help here, thx in advance!




Re: Dataset for virtual object VMware

ok I found on my own.

A VM had 2 disks, a disk on datastore1 and the other one on datastore2. So PM behaved accordingly and started protection on both datastores although i didn't select both of them

Hope this helps others one day...