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Determine next SnapMirror timeslot


I am writing a workflow and as part of that I need to determine what the most recently added snapmirror schedule is, for example, 5 * * *, I would then set the next SnapMirror schedule to 5 minutes later, in this case 10 * * *.

Has anyone written anything like this before that they would be happy to share please? Or any ideas about the best way to approach this please?

My thoughs so far are that I could write a custom powershell function that retieves the snapmirror.conf file from the filer and then parses the file to determine the schedule for the most recently added mirror...

Many Thanks,



Re: Determine next SnapMirror timeslot

Hi Mark,

Yes, you can certainly alter the Snapmirror command to do that part as well.

You can alternatively use a function to create a wide but equal range of timetable based on another

factor (Volume name, volume count, time of day etc.)

Unfortunately, we don't cache the snapmirror relationship information at the moment.



Re: Determine next SnapMirror timeslot

Thanks Yaron, I'll take a look at modifying the snapmirror command...