Disabling event correlation in Perf Advisor?

Is there a way to disable the event correlation feature in PA?  My customer keeps 1 year of events, and PA is slow to bring up graphs (it takes 3 to 4 minutes) for systems.  In reviewing the audit.log file, I see most of the delay happening due to the event loading.  My customer does not use this feature of PA, and I think it would speed up the responsiveness of PA significantly if I could disable it.  Thanks!


Re: Disabling event correlation in Perf Advisor?

Hi Mike,

For event co-relation, events are loaded only on demand. The event

loading that you noticed in audit.log should be the requests to show the

events in the events panel in many views, like "Storage System Summary

View" and there is no way to disable loading of these events.



Re: Disabling event correlation in Perf Advisor?


I have a custom view that has no events graphs in it, and even when I

load this view I see long delays in audit.log for the IP that I'm

running PA from, as it tries to gather event data.

It takes minutes for PA to show me the graphs, but I can tell from the

audit log that it only takes about 13 seconds to get the actual

performance data once I see the first instance of always take 30 seconds to come back, and this is

what is slowing down PA from getting the actual performance data.

As another data point, I can gather the last 1 hour of performance data

very quickly (under 10 seconds) for the same system and same view via

dfm perf data retrieve. This again leads me to believe that the extra

calls to gather events what is slowing down PA performance.