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Discovery:Error:Parse Error

I have one 2240-4 array that will not seem to add itself in to Balance.  I know the credentials are correct and I have not had any other issues with discovering other arrays. 

This is also the error:  We are running 8.1.2 on this unit.  I could not find any other information on this error, hoping someone else may have seen it.

The data received from the array was incomplete. The frequency of occurrence may be low. Updating to the latest version of Data ONTAP may correct the problem.


Re: Discovery:Error:Parse Error


I have a few questions on the issue that you are running into?

What version of Balance are you running? (Admin-Summary)

Is this NetApp array running 7-mode or Clustered ONTAP?

Thanks, Daniel

Re: Discovery:Error:Parse Error

Thank you for the response.  The version of balance is and the Array is running 7-mode.

Re: Discovery:Error:Parse Error

Hello smorganarrisi,

Thanks for the information.  It looks like you are running into an issue that has been resolved in the current release of Balance (  You should be able to download the new version from NOW.

If you have any issues or questions about the upgrade you can get some assistance by opening a support case at support.netapp.com.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Daniel

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Re: Discovery:Error:Parse Error

Just for reference, upgrading did indeed fix the issue.