Domain account sometimes denied access

I'm running OnCommand Operations manager 5.0 on a dedicated server.  I have the OnCommand host service running as a domain account, and in OnCommand, I am having it connect to all of my controllers using a domain account.  This domain account is in the Administrators group on all filers.

However, since I set this up, I see many errors denying access to my domain account in the messages logs on all my controllers.  OnCommand appears to function, so it's getting partial access.

Here is the message I get:

User 'MyDomain\MyDomainAccount' denied access - missing required capability: 'api-perf-object-get-instances'

I've verified the following:

- I can connect to the controller via SSH using this domain acount.  I run the stats list instances system with success.

- I can connect via HTTP/HTTPS using powershell with the domain credentials (Using Powershell):

Connect-NaController ctrl1 -HTTPS -Credential (Get-Credential)

Get-NaPerfInstance system

-  I can connect to the controller using OnCommand System Manager 2.0

The domain user has Administrator access, which includes the admin role, which has the api-* capability.  I can't figure out why I'm getting any access denied messages at all.

Any ideas?

Domain account sometimes denied access

I got an answer to this on the NetApp forums.  It's apparently a bug: