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Download additional reports from "Report Store"

If the built-in reports didn't satisfy your reporting needs, then check out the "Report Store", a community to share report templates between end users. These report templates can be simply imported in few minutes into you existing OnCommand Report solution and get all the data immediately.

For how to import the report templates from the community to your OnCommand Report, look at the below link

Importing Custom Reports and Dashboard in OnCommand Report

Also look at this link on how to create your own custom report. Still not satisfied? post your needs on the community, we will try to design the report


Re: Download additional reports from "Report Store"

Hello Araman,

I'm interested in the Report Store.

But I can't find out any additional report on  "Report Store", 

Please let me know how to get additional report.


Gakuji Sasa

Re: Download additional reports from "Report Store"


Please go to the content section of Report Store.

You can find 5 different reports.

  1. Space Reclaimable from Offline Volumes.
  2. Space Reclaimable from Orphan Luns.
  3. Storage Available vs Storage Presented.
  4. vFiler Utilization.
  5. Netapp storage system - Details.


Re: Download additional reports from "Report Store"

Thank you so much.

I got it.