EMC Storage array discovery.

Hi Again..

I have EMC storage arrays, 2 VMAX symmetrix and 1 DMX and another CLARiiON.

I followed the SANscreen document and installed the SMI-S SYMCLI and CLI on the server hosting SANscreen.

Followed the below steps.

     1. Installed SMI-S providers of EMC on the SERVER HOSTING SANscreen (as recommended in the install guide); was not easy to get them

     2. Could make the initial discovery in the SYMCLI and could list them using EMC_StorageSystem. All CLARiiONs and SYMMETRIX arrays were visible.

     3. I created a Data Source, with Vendor as EMC, and last option in model: solutions enabler (CLI) with SMI-S performance.

     4. Gave the IP of the SANscreen server (its where the SMI-S is installed)

     5. Gave the credentials of the SMI-S provider.

     6. Did a force aquisition. and the result failed.



     * SI: Failed to exectue external utility

            Error retriving data: CLI command

     * AI: service insight not yet run; so failing.

Hope somebody can help me on step by step process.



Re: EMC Storage array discovery.


Please open a support case.  Please include the version of Solutions Enabler that is installed on the Solutions Enabler Server and the SANscreen server.  Including the extended logs for the system will be needed.

Thank you,