Email alert/threshold logging

I'm trying to setup email notifications for quota events (disk space full, over threshold, etc) and I was able to setup the various items in Ops Mgr. However I'm not getting email when these events are triggered. The only place I can see to do a 'test' email is on the NMC->System->Alerts.

Is there a way to use the Ops Mgr web GUI ( or CLI) to test triggering of a threshold event?

Which log file would show me when a threshold was crossed and triggered an email?


Re: Email alert/threshold logging


'Alarm Test' can be done from the Operations Manager UI also. Go to Setup > Alarms. There is a "Test" link in the alarm table at the bottom.

To verify that the events are generated for the conditions you mention, you can use 'dfm report view events <object>' .<object> can be skipped to list all events, or it can be a volume or storage system to list only the events on that object.

The log files to look at is alert.log (under <dfm-install-dir>\log folder). You should see messages like this:

Oct 25 19:34:23 [dfmeventd: INFO]: alarm 53, event 9340870, Host Down on corefiler: sending email alert to <mail-id>

Any failure in sending mail will be logged to dfmeventd.log. You should see messages like:

Nov 20 05:16:38 [dfmeventd: ERROR] alarm 11, event 1042252: failed to deliver email alert to <mail-id>