Email alerting and testing is failing

This one is going to be interesting.

In SETUP > OPTIONS > Events and Alerts are two key fields for connecting to a mailhost ( mail server and from field )  and in there i have the IP address of the mailhost and a email address that are being used on the filers for their autosupports.  The DFM host and filers are on the same subnet and have all the same network stack; the filers can send autosupports just fine.

I am testing email alerts and getting errors in the dfmeventd.log that "alert failed to deliver mail to"

that error message is not very descriptive.  From the DFM host I can ping the mailhost just fine.  Are there any tests I can do from this host to ensure mail connectivity and pass that along to the DFM server so it can send emails?

Re: Email alerting and testing is failing

Hi Emanuel,

There are two cases you need to check.

Case 1 :

Check the configuration @ your mailhost and ensure that your mailhost is able to send e-mails. Just execute the command "telnet 25" and check whether your

mailhost is connected.

Case 2 :

If case1 passes, then probably it is a time factor and you need wait for 15 minutes. Event daemon reloads the new global options (the new SMTPServerName) once in every 15 mins. So, you should at least wait for 15 mins after making a change at your mail server field. Otherwise, you can use service stop/start which invokes the DFM to use the newly configured address for mail exchange.


Saravanan M

Re: Email alerting and testing is failing

There is one more part and that is to configure the actual host - i found out it was not configured for mail; I passed along the two steps above so hopefully today we can get messaging to work.

Re: Email alerting and testing is failing

Hi Emanuel,

        You can test an existing alarm or create a dummy alarm to see if it works.Use the cli dfm alarm test <alarmid> to tests.

And open the alert.log inside the log folder you will find a message as follows.

Aug 01 05:23:55 [DFMEvent: INFO]: alarm 3, event 22914, Alarm Test on w2k3e-x64-152: sending email alert to took 2 seconds.