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Error While creating Initiator group

Hi All,

I am trying to create a initiator group to map my new lun on my filer (NETP3)  but was getting this error , Please tell if this is due to the WWPN is already included in an INITIATOR GROUP on the HA-PAIR partner filer.(NETP5)

The setup is like we have NETP3 and NETP5 HA-PAIR with 8.1.1 7Mode. Please advise how to proceed.

Accessing filer  through Oncommand System Manager



Error While creating Initiator group

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Re: Error While creating Initiator group


What is the complete error ?

But, I am guessing it is due to the different OS type of the igroup.

An initiator cannot be a member of two igroups of different OS types. For example, if you have an initiator that belongs to a windows igroup, you can not add the same initiator to an linux igroup or vice versa.

Please check if this is the case.