Error on giveback in System Manager 2.0.1


I have a FAS3210 HA pair running 8.0.3 7 mode. This is a brand new install. Everything looks good in the configuration. Both controllers can see all of the disks.

I can perform a takeover and giveback on both directions from the CLI without error and without the force switch.

I can perform a takeover in either direction through OSM 2.0.1 without error. However, attempting to do a normal giveback in either direction immediately fails with this error:

Wed May 23 15:05:56 GMT [MYFILER (takeover):]: cf giveback failed: Disk Inventory information is not received yet, retry later.

disk show -v on both heads shows all disks in the system.

I did find a bug for a false positive on this error, but it didn't quite fit. The notes on that bug indicated it appeared when doing a cf giveback at the CLI (mine doesn't), and it claimed to be resolved in 8.0.3.

This isn't a showstopper for me, but has anyone seen this?

Re: Error on giveback in System Manager 2.0.1

I am curious how you can execute "disk show -v" on head that is waiting for giveback?

Otherwise that sounds like OC SM specific bug. There are likely not many users who do takeover/giveback using GUI ...

Re: Error on giveback in System Manager 2.0.1

I did the 'disk show -v' on both heads during normal operation, and on each head once it took over its partner.

Yeah, I don't see myself doing givebacks through the GUI, but I'm kicking the tires on this system before I release it into the wild.

Re: Error on giveback in System Manager 2.0.1

Hello.  I am experiencing exactly the same problem.    We have some FAS2240's running ONTAP 8.1 and the problem does NOT occur on the 2240's..    However, we also have some v3240's running ONTAP 8.1 that are experiencing this problem.    In a nutshell, giveback doesnt work through NetApp OnCommand System Manager due to the following error:

Error:  Disk Inventory information not received yet, retry later

However, I can ssh to the v3240 and perform a "cf giveback" via CLI (note that I am not using the option to force give back) and it works. 

Did you ever hear if this is a NetApp OnCommand System Manager bug or is this an issue with ONTAP 8.1 and/or the v3240's?



Re: Error on giveback in System Manager 2.0.1

Hi Jordan,

Can you take a look at this Bug report and let me know if it applies to your situation?

If this is an urgent issue please open a case with NetApp Technical Support.



Re: Error on giveback in System Manager 2.0.1

Hi Christin,

I did open a case and they pointed me to that bug.  Thanks for the response!  Have a nice day!