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Estimate IOPs capacity with OnCommand Performance

Where can I view the IOPs capacity of a volume within OnCommand Performance?  I don't want to know how many IOPs are being served, but how many IOPS CAN be served for a specific volume.




Re: Estimate IOPs capacity with OnCommand Performance


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There is no metric for estimated IOs on an aggr, but you can compute it.

See my reply to IOs on a volume:



Given that disk drive utilization on the aggr may be the key metric to monitor.

(<50% average is the Best Practice)


You may also wish to see my Webinar on Cluster mode performance monitoring available at:



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Re: Estimate IOPs capacity with OnCommand Performance

In OPM 7.0, there is a metric "Available IOPS" for node and aggr. which indicates the number of IOPS that can be added to the resource before reaching the maximum performance capacity.