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Events in performance advisor don't appear

Trying to test Event Correlation feature of dfm 4.0 in performance advisor. Problem is not all the events are displayed in PA Events. e.g. I can see disk failure event in the operations manager for a filer but when you try to do Event correlation i.e from cifs_latency chart -> Actions-> show events, it doesn't show disk failed event event.

Also when I do performance diagnosis on the filer for the time period during which disk was failed (yesterday) it doesn't show failed disk in that time. Although it was showing failed disk yesterday..

Does it mean that events disappear from performance manager if the issue has been resolved?? If this is the case then whats the point of performing performance diagnosis or event correlation on the historic data if there are no events?


Re: Events in performance advisor don't appear


     By default, when an event is neutralized, that is like the one in the example below.

disks:some-failed                             Error        disk.failed

and latter after the user intervention, it changes to

disks:none-failed                             Normal       disk.failed then the latter event restore the status and the event is neutralized.

As the first one is Error severity and the latter one is of Normal severity will neutralise and move the event from the current events to histroy events.

But still i am not sure if that's case, should PA move the event in the event correlation though it shouldn't be, let me check and get back to you.



Re: Events in performance advisor don't appear

Exactly. There is no point of doing Event Correlation or performance diagnosis on historic data if historic events are not displayed. Thanks

Re: Events in performance advisor don't appear

I have always wondered about this, is there any update on this?