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Exact limitations of opsmanager with 2000 series systems

Because the 2000 series systems do not have RLM cards IHAC who is wondering what limitations the BMC architecture impose regarding opsmanager.  What reports, features, monitoring capabilities, are affected?  I don't see anything about this in any of the documentation and am being asked to provide some documented limitations.



Re: Exact limitations of opsmanager with 2000 series systems

Here is a list of what you can do with RLM cards:

  • Status of remote management card (online, unavailable) will be  monitored. If this status changes, appropriate event will be generated.
  • Appliance's remote management details will be displayed.
  • The following remote power control options will be provided:      
    • System power on
    • System power off
    • System power-cycle (Off then On)
    • System power status
  • The following reset control options will be provided:      
    • System reset with current firmware
    • System reset with primary firmware
    • System reset with backup firmware
  • Initiate core dump option will be available.
  • Captured console logs will be displayed.
  • System Events will be displayed. There will be an option to the user to select all the events, or just the latest events, etc.
  • Appliance's sensor status will be displayed.
  • If the management card provides a CLI interface, users will be able  to execute any CLI command from the DataFabric Manager's user  interface. However, it is not possible to open a CLI session from the  DataFabric Manager UI since on windows client machines (DFM server  installed elsewhere) there are no utility which provides ssh  functionality that could be spawned.
  • Run a command (dfm run cmd/submit) on the RLM card IP instead of on the filer IP.

All this would not be possible with BMC.

Re: Exact limitations of opsmanager with 2000 series systems

Operations Manager does not use the RLM cards on the filers to do monitoring or management.

It just gives you a way to run commands via the RLM card from Ops-Mgr itself.It also monitors the RLM and its status.

No functionality of OM would be missing if the filer doesn't have RLM card.