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Exporting OSSV job details to CSV

Does anyone know of a mechanism in OSSV / OPSMGR / Protection Manager where the job history can be exported to a CSV file?  Specifically we are looking for the following

Client Name

Client IP Address

Vendor Job Type (backup, restore)

Start Date String

Finish Date String

Backup Kilobytes

Number of Files

Status (0 for successful, 1 for partial, 2 for failed)

We want to automate the export of this data on a routine basis for import into a 3rd party reporting system.



Re: Exporting OSSV job details to CSV

The job list output in perl gives you the information you are looking for.

[root@lnx186-144 ~]# dfpm job list -F perl 26

$job_details{'26'}{'Job Id'} = '26';
$job_details{'26'}{'Job State'} = 'completed';
$job_details{'26'}{'Job Description'} = 'Back up data from node Primary data to node Backup of dataset ddup_test (2243) with daily retention';
$job_details{'26'}{'Job Type'} = 'remote_backup';
$job_details{'26'}{'Job Status'} = 'failure';
$job_details{'26'}{'Bytes Transferred'} = '0';
$job_details{'26'}{'Dataset Name'} = 'ddup_test';
$job_details{'26'}{'Dataset Id'} = '2243';
$job_details{'26'}{'Object Name'} = 'ddup_test';
$job_details{'26'}{'Object Id'} = '2243';
$job_details{'26'}{'Policy Name'} = 'Back up';
$job_details{'26'}{'Policy Id'} = '59';
$job_details{'26'}{'Started Timestamp'} = '25 Nov 2009 20:06:02';
$job_details{'26'}{'Abort Requested Timestamp'} = '';
$job_details{'26'}{'Completed Timestamp'} = '22 Dec 2009 16:37:22';
$job_details{'26'}{'Submitted By'} = 'dfmscheduler';
$job_details{'26'}{'Destination Node Id'} = '2';
$job_details{'26'}{'Destination Node Name'} = 'Backup';
$job_details{'26'}{'Source Node Id'} = '1';
$job_details{'26'}{'Source Node Name'} = 'Primary data';

[root@lnx186-144 ~]#

Also there are datatransfer report that give the details you require.

[root@lnx186-144 ~]# dfm report list | grep -i transfer
  dp-transfer-backup-individual DP Transfer Backup, Individual
  dp-transfer-backup-daily  DP Transfer Backup, Daily
  dp-transfer-backup-weekly DP Transfer Backup, Weekly
  dp-transfer-backup-monthly DP Transfer Backup, Monthly
  dp-transfer-backup-quarterly DP Transfer Backup, Quarterly
  dp-transfer-backup-yearly DP Transfer Backup, Yearly
  dp-transfer-mirror-individual DP Transfer Mirror, Individual
  dp-transfer-mirror-daily  DP Transfer Mirror, Daily
  dp-transfer-mirror-weekly DP Transfer Mirror, Weekly
  dp-transfer-mirror-monthly DP Transfer Mirror, Monthly
  dp-transfer-mirror-quarterly DP Transfer Mirror, Quarterly
  dp-transfer-mirror-yearly DP Transfer Mirror, Yearly
  dp-transfer-dataset-daily DP Transfer Dataset, Daily
  dp-transfer-dataset-weekly DP Transfer Dataset, Weekly
  dp-transfer-dataset-monthly DP Transfer Dataset, Monthly
  dp-transfer-dataset-quarterly DP Transfer Dataset, Quarterly
  dp-transfer-dataset-yearly DP Transfer Dataset, Yearly
[root@lnx186-144 ~]#

[root@lnx186-144 ~]# dfm report view dp-transfer-dataset-weekly help
DP Transfer Dataset, Weekly Report (dp-transfer-dataset-weekly)
DP Transfer Dataset, Weekly

         objId                Dataset ID
         dsName               Dataset Name
         policyName           Policy Name
         srcName              Source Name
         dstName              Destination Name
         timestamp            Timestamp
         transKBs             Bytes Transferred
         transRate            Transfer Rate /sec
         transferCount        Transfers
         failureCount         Transfer Failures
         dataGrowthKBs        Data Growth

Default sort order is +dsName.
[root@lnx186-144 ~]#



Re: Exporting OSSV job details to CSV