Exporting a workflow

Last question for the night...if I export a workflow, does that save not only the workflow but also all the custom commands, etc. that the workflow uses?  Thanks!


Re: Exporting a workflow

When you export the workflow it export all linked objects (Commands, Filters, Finders, Dictionary entries) and also all functions (used or not).

Re: Exporting a workflow

Thank you Francesco for the answer :-)

Just to compliment it -

Indeed, when a flow is exported, all linked objects that it is dependent on (Commands, Finders/Filters etc.) and all the functions

(Regardless of usage) are exported with it.

The import is done via correlating UUIDs (Unique IDs) and not via names, so when importing you may get a name conflict

if you have an object (uncertified) with name X and you import a different one with same name.

In the newer release (1.1) we are not exporting certified content, but just matching it to the local certified content on target machine.

This is part of the export upgrade process.


WFA team