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Exporting historical volume size data


Posted this to the support forum, but that seems less used than this area.

We're using DFM / Ops Manager.

Does anyone know if it's possible to initiate the export of the file you get when you click on the icon below from the command line.


I can do it for the current info via something like dfm report view -F xls volumes-capacity-report >volrep.xls. But I'd like to create a script or similar to get the historic data for a large number of volumes to use in reports for capacity / growth reporting.



Re: Exporting historical volume size data

Use the DFM CLI.  DFM REPORT is the command you need to look into.  DFM REPORT LIST will list all the reports available.  DFM REPORT RUN will run the selected report and you can output to different formats.


Re: Exporting historical volume size data


Thanks for trying to help, I am aware of that command, but all the reports I can see are the current info only not the historic values.

Re: Exporting historical volume size data

Ahh sorry I misunderstood you.  Please check out TR3690 - Access to DFM Performance Advisor Data at http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-3690.pdf

It's old but I think it might be applicable to what you're trying to accomplish.