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FAS2240 half disk on each controller ?


I have a FAS2240, 12 SAS disks, dual contoller, ACP active

When i see my disk with onCommand system manager, i see only 6 disks... (0, 2, 4, 6, ...)

I see other disk when i'm connecter to the second management port.

I don't understand why... Is it normal?

I can't see all 12 disks to create aggregate more than 6 disks?

Can u help me?

Re: FAS2240 half disk on each controller ?

You should see all disks from both controllers, but the ones not belonging to the head you're looking at in system manager will show as "partner" in disk status. If you are only see half the disks on each head then the start point would be to run "wireguage" the free Netapp utility (recently renamed to Config Advisor).

Re: FAS2240 half disk on each controller ?


This is completely normal.

Your disks are evenly assigned to each controller.

NetApp controllers operate in an "active-active" configuration to give you the most bang for your buck.

Each controller owns 6 disks, but in the event of a failure the surviving controller will take over those 6 disks and continue to serve that data.

This way you don't have 1 controller sleeping all day long and losing value, and you're leveraging both controllers for maximum performance.

I understand you're connected to the management port, but do you have OnCommand System Manager installed? It will give you a better picture of how your storage is carved out.

Please respond with any questions!

Re: FAS2240 half disk on each controller ?

Hi there,

Use the command "storage show disk -p", it will show all the disks and their assignments to the nodes of the active-active cluster.

The concept is, you will only see the disks assigned to the particular node, as per your assignment otherwise it is stated as unassigned.

Even the sysconfig -d will also give information.

thank you,


Re: FAS2240 half disk on each controller ?


is it possible to assign all (or almost all) disks to one controller to create one big volume?

I've tried this with no success - it is impossible to break aggregate while it contains (very small) system volume. What should I do to overcome this issue?

Thank you for your time,


Re: FAS2240 half disk on each controller ?

Hey Roman,

With the newer versions of Data ONTAP you can make some really big volumes.

What controller and version of Data ONTAP are you on now?

The answer might be to go from 7.x to 8.x

Re: FAS2240 half disk on each controller ?

Yes, true - you can't break an aggregate. You would have to destroy the aggregate to release any disks from it & then recreate it with fewer disks.

To destroy root aggregate you have two choices:

a) if there is enough spare disks on the system - create a new aggregate & move the root volume there

b) zero all the disks (effectively wiping the configuration and *data*) & re-create small aggregate with root volume on it


Re: FAS2240 half disk on each controller ?

Dear Radek,

Thank you for your prompt  answer. I've already tried to zeroize disk on my test 7.x system and it works. Going to do the same with 8.x.



Re: FAS2240 half disk on each controller ?


System is from the subject - 2240, running 8.x.