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FAS3140 grounding

We are installing a FAS3140A in an OEM rack. From what documentation we can find, it seems like we should be "grounding" the controllers and disk shelves since it is not being installed in a NetApp cabinet. The placement of the grounding straps on the disk shelves is obvious, but does anyone have an idea where the placment for the grounding strap on the controller is? We have searched the documentation without any luck.

Thank you.


Re: FAS3140 grounding

I asked this question and basically you don't need them on the modern filers. They are still included with the shelves so that if you are expanding an older filer (FAS940 or similar) you can still use them.

Re: FAS3140 grounding

Thank you Philip.  We really never found any definitive information in the NetApp documents, but I appreciate you sharing what you had found when you looked into it.   Since is was not evident how to ground the system, we only did the shelves and everything was fine