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FCP Latency alarm setup in OC5

Hi , We are using Oncommand 5 for our FAS3140 filers. We want to setup  high disk latency alert for fcp luns for these filers. Please  provide me complete steps for creating these alarm alerts. Thanks & Regards, Vivek


Re: FCP Latency alarm setup in OC5


Follow the below steps.

1. Launch NetApp Management Console

2. Select Manage Performance

3. Go to Setup -> Thresholds

4. Click on add threshold and continue the wizard(its user friendly) and create a threshold

5. Select the threshold and add alarm(you can specify the mail address, where the alert should be sent)

Hope this helps.


Re: FCP Latency alarm setup in OC5


Creating thresholds and alarms are outlined in the NetApp OnCommand Performance Advisor Administration Guide. You can find this document on the NOW site under the OnCommand 5.0 Core Package collection.


To help address your question, you need to know which object, instance and counter you need to monitor and create a threshold on.  There are at least two ways to accomplish what you're looking for.

First, at the storage system level you can monitor the FCP software object.  It can tell you the average latency for FCP operations in milliseconds.  The object & counter would be fcp:fcp_latency and you'd apply the threshold to at least one storage controller..  However, this is the average across all LUNs in the storage system.  Upside is that you only need a single threshold and alarm so its much easier to manage.  Downside is that its averaging the latency across all LUNs, so it won't tell you when one particular LUN is experiencing high latency.

Second, you can monitor at the LUN object level.  It can tell you the average latency for all operations (FCP or iSCSI).  The object:counter would be lun:avg_latency and you'd apply the threshold to at least one instance of a LUN.  However, this is the average for only this individual LUN.  Upside is that your threshold and alarm is much more granular and specific.  Downside is that you may need multiple thresholds in order to monitor all the LUNs you want to keep an eye on, so much more management overhead.

Re: FCP Latency alarm setup in OC5

Thanks Reid. I am getting alarm for avg_latency on lun level.But I am not getting any alert for fcp_fcp:latency on filer level. Please advice. Regards, Vivek