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Finding Bypassed Disks in Operations Manager 4.0

What views/alerts/reports can be used to see disk drives that have been bypassed?



Re: Finding Bypassed Disks in Operations Manager 4.0

I am not sure what you mean by Bypassed disk,

But there are the canned reports available in Ops-Mgr for disk.

  1. dfm report list | grep -i disk

disks summary of all disks

disks-aggr summary of disks attached to aggregates

disks-broken list of all failed disks

disks-spare list of all spare disks

disks-500 list of all 500 GB disks

disks-320 list of all 320 GB disks

disks-300 list of all 300 GB disks

disks-250 list of all 250 GB disks

disks-144 list of all 144 GB disks

disks-136 list of all 136 GB disks

disks-72 list of all 72 GB disks

disks-36 list of all 36 GB disks

disks-18 list of all 18 GB disks

disks-9 list of all 9 GB disks

disks-4 list of all 4 GB disks

disks-2 list of all 2 GB disks

disks-performance-summary performance summary of Disks


And these are the list of fields available for Disk catalog using which you can create a Custom Report.

  1. dfm report catalog list Disk

Disk Catalog

Default Display Tab: PhysicalSystems


Field Default Name Default Format

Re: Finding Bypassed Disks in Operations Manager 4.0

There are several reasons that a disk drive can be bypassed:


This generates an autosupport and opens a case.  However, it doesn't show up in the DFM Failed Disk report.