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Flexvol for Ontap Simulator


I seem to be having an issue creating flexvols in my netapp simulator. When I type the command:

vol create flexvol1 aggr1 10g

I receive the following message:

vol create: Request to create volume 'flexvol1' failed as space cannot be guaranteed for the volume.

How do I resolve this?


Re: Flexvol for Ontap Simulator

There isn't enough space... add more space to the aggr, create the aggr smaller, or thin provision the 10g using "-s none" in the vol create command to tell the aggr not to guarantee the space.

Re: Flexvol for Ontap Simulator

Looks like your aggr1 done have space to guarantee 10g to your volume.

Either add more disk to your simulator in turn to your aggr.

Else create thin provisioned volume.

vol create flexvol1 –s none aggr1 10g