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Grafana not displaying any data

I'm trying to monitor a CDOT 8.3.1P1 cluster.


My OCUM server is running 7.2RC1, grafana server is running 4.6 on a separate system.


I can see data from my cluster in the graphite database, but nothing appears in the grafana interface.


Nothing stands out in the logs.


Any ideas?  netapp-harvest.conf


grafana_api_key = mykey=
grafana_url = https://stein.ftc.avagotech.net


graphite_server = stein.ftc.avagotech.net:2003
username = admin
password = admin_password


hostname =
host_type = filer
group = netapp-harvest
username = netapp-harvest
password = my_password


hostname =
username = netapp-harvest
password = my_password
group = netapp-harvest
host_type = OCUM
data_update_freq = 900