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Harvest/Grafana/Graphite near real-time polling



For example, I can modify "data_update_freqdata" to 10 of 'netapp-harvest.conf".

From the netapp-harvest log, it seems the poller interval is 10.

However accoding to fetching the  /opt/graphite/storage/whisper counter *.wsp file,

Epoch time interval always is  60 seconds.


Can I change this interval?


The purpose is not  production monitoring use but for short range testing or demo.


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Re: Harvest/Grafana/Graphite near real-time polling



The graphite file storage-schemas.conf controls the resolution and retention of data.  See section 7.1 of the Harvest installation and administration guide for more.


Picking just cDOT perf data as an example, the default from the guide is:

pattern = ^netapp\.perf\.* 
retentions = 60s:35d, 5m:100d, 15m:395d, 1h:5y


And could be extended to also include 10s samples for 5d:

pattern = ^netapp\.perf\.* 
retentions = 10s:5d, 60s:35d, 5m:100d, 15m:395d, 1h:5y

Remember that the whisper db files are created the first time the metric is received with the settings from storage-schemas.conf, so if you are reducing polling interval of an existing system you will need to also resize the files, or remove them and let them get regenerated.  To resize somethign like this should work (adapt the path to your whisper files as necessary, and on Ubuntu packaged version the command is whisper-resize without the .py on the end):


find /opt/graphite/storage/whisper -type f -name '*.wsp' -exec whisper-resize.py --nobackup {}  10s:5d 60s:35d 5m:100d 15m:395d 1h:5y \;

You will also need to use a custom collection template (Section 10 of the Harvest guide) to disable a lot of object types to fit in your 10s collection budget.



Hope that helps!  If it answers your question please select this reply and mark it as the solution.


Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

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