Health check/proactive monitoring


what are the checks that we can run on daily basis such as status of the aggregate, volume , luns, disk, disk shelf, delayed write or read operation, load analysis etc. which can be included as a part of health check or proactive monitoring?

We have only SAN environment.


Re: Health check/proactive monitoring

A good start is to install OnCommand Unified Manager Core (also was called Data Fabric Manager (DFM) or Operations Manager) which does monitoring, reporting and alerts.  It also has a plugin called the NetApp Management Console (NMC) which uses the DFM database and has Performance Advisor which can be used to look at proactive monitoring and alerting.  It should get most of what you want for health and practive monitoring and it is free (request a key if there isn't one in your entitlements).

Re: Health check/proactive monitoring

Thanks Scott

I do not have  DFM with the current setup, I will request for one. until then what are the commands that I can run to check the if system is healthy