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Help required on "stats" command

Hi All,

I have a query on "stats" command.

My requirement is to collect the NetApp volume/aggregate/disk's performanace continuously for a week/month.

For example, I am running the following the command to collect the volume performance data.

"stats show  -i 10-o /etc/stats1.txt volume:vol0:*"     { Collecting the volume performance data for 10 min interval and redirect the file - /etc/stats.txt };

a. Can i add the time stamp in the output file.? Is there a way to do that.?

b. NetApp design is not like a UNIX design, then how /etc directories can be created..? but only "rdfile" is used to read the file.?  what is the limit of this file..? what could be the max size of the file.? Can i run the above mentioned command for a month.? File wont be overloaded.?

c. Is there a way to mail/send this output file to other Unix/windows box/mail-id's.?

Alternatively is there any other better way to collect the weekly,monthly performance data.?

Your help on solving this is really appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,



Re: Help required on "stats" command

You should do this from a windows/unix host, wia rsh or ssh. That way you can put the output file somewhere on your PC (or even on the network). You can also timestamp / mail it.


Help required on "stats" command

Best by is to run it remotely via ssh

date > output.txt

ssh root@filer "stats show -i 10-o /etc/stats1.txt volume:vol0:*" >> output.txt

You shouldnt and in alot of cases cant run stuff directly on the filer itself. its better to run them off a management host

Help required on "stats" command


Thats true that you cannot do lot of things from filer console. Best way is to use unix box to manage it. I have done similar kind of thing which you want.

But my requirement was I need the pwcounter vaules after every 10 sec with timestamp. So below was my solution ( using basic unix scripting and cron):


OUT=<output file path>

DATE1=`date +%F_%H%M`

VALUE=`rsh <filername> "<filer command >" | grep x | awk '{print $y}'`

echo -e "$DATE1 \t $VALUE" >> $OUT


And schedule the above script using cron. You can also use this kind of solution. All you need to do is to look for exact output and filer it using unix utilities (like I used grep and awk).

Best of luck.


Help required on "stats" command

I would download NMC and investigate if its a better tool for you. NMC is NetApp management console. You ll find it in

the download software section of NOW.

b. if you want to add date stamp run this on a controller/simulator:

vol status;date

or you can put date in first.