Historical data

Two questions about historical data kept in the DFM database.

1. How can you see what the retention periods are for certain pieces of data?  For example say I scan for volume sizes every 10 minutes.  Is that data kept for a week (at 10 minute interval) or just for a day at 10 minute intervals?   When do the sampling intervals turn into days or weeks?   After 5 months I wouldn't expect to have 10 minute interval, but where/how do I find DFM reducing the data sampling?

2.  I can run a report 'now' (or schedule a report) and that shows me the data as it looks now.  Can I run a report to show me how the data looked last week? ie.  If I'm having a latency issue on a volume I can only see the latencies averaged over the past day/week/month/year  but I'd like to see how did it look last month, not what was the average.



Re: Historical data

Hi Andrew,

Pls find the answers for your questions.

1. refer to this FAQ for historical data.

2.All performance report have the options of last,1d,1w,1m,3m,1y

which can be scheduled as such.