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Re: Host Services 1.1

had the same issue after updating to OnCommand Core 5.2 and HostPackage 1.3

the solution was unregister, recreate the HS cert (not the dfm cert) and reregister.

on dfm server:

dfm hs list

dfm hs unregister -f <hs-id>

on hs server in powershell:

Configure-HostService -options authorize::false


on dfm server:

dfm hs register -i <dfm-IP> <hs-IP>

dfm hs list (hs should still have the same id)

dfm hs authorize <hs-id>

dfm hs discover <hs-id>

dfm hs diag <hs-id>

Re: Host Services 1.1

ocum 5.2, hostpackage 1.3, same problem. But I can't get it working. Even re-installed hostpackage now. Diag says this:

Network Connectivity
IP Address                    <hidden>, but OK
FQDN                         <hidden>, but OK
Admin Port                    8699
HTTPS                         Failed
Plugin Reachable              Unknown

DataFabric Manager server configuration
Port                          Unknown
IP Address/DNS                Unknown
DFM Reachable                 Unknown

Acording to:                  DataFabric Manager server              Host Service
Management Port               8799                                   Unknown

Host Service version                             Unknown

Plugin Information
Plugin version                                      Unknown
Plugin Type                   OnCommand Host Service VMware Plug-in  Unknown

Why is HTTPS=failed? What does it mean? Also, "dfm hs list" says Status=down, and the TZ should be GMT+2 (where to fix?):

Id         Host Name                                Host Address         Version    Status                 Timezone
---------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------- ---------------------- ----------------------------------------
184       <hidden>                           <hidden>             down                   GMT-2:00(2 hours East of UTC).

# dfm hs configure -i <hidden> 184

Error: Failed to configure Host Service. Reason: Host Service status is down. Please check if Host Service is running.

There's something wrong - I originaly came here because in the web interface of oncommand, I cannot edit a dataset:

Error:     The task: Push dataset xxx (1450) configuration to host service VCENTER (184) cannot be done at this time.

Action:   Push dataset xxx (1450) configuration to host service VCENTER (184).

Reason:  The Host Service is down at this time.

Suggestion: Resolve the problem with the Host Service.

The service is running - what is the problem?

Re: Host Services 1.1

I think the problem is with the certificate. I created it new as suggested above, still always get this in the oncommandhostsvc.log:

10.17.2013 06:00:48:442  :  ProcessID= 10024 ThreadID= 6 CheckHostServiceCertificate: Certificate [E=hostmaster@zmi.at, CN=vCenter.hosting.zmi.at, OU=Storage Management, O=Proteger, L=Korneuburg, S=Korneuburg, C=AT] received. Errors [RemoteCertificateChainErrors]

10.17.2013 06:00:48:445  :  ProcessID= 10024 ThreadID= 6 CheckHostServiceCertificate: Certificate validation failed. Denied

10.17.2013 06:00:48:451  :  ProcessID= 10024 ThreadID= 6 invoke has CommunicationException, details: Es konnte keine Vertrauensstellung für den sicheren SSL/TLS-Kanal mit Autorität eingerichtet werden.

(the last line means "couldn't create trust relationship for secure SSL/TLS"

Any ideas how to fix?

Re: Host Services 1.1

So by default the DFM certificate is valid for two years, which means for me it just expired. Fortunately I found this thread again and the following worked:

dfm ssl service setup -f (setting the expiry to 3650 days this time)

dfm ssl service reload

And it was all good. I did run Configure-HostService -options authorize::false but I don't think it was needed or had any effect.


Re: Host Services 1.1

Thanks for this. Just resolved my issues.