Host User Management Passwords

What protocol is used to transmit userID's and passwords from Ops Mgr to a filer?

Customer is concerned if we use Ops Mgr host user management the passwords would be sent using an unsecured protocol and could be picked up by anyone on the network.



Re: Host User Management Passwords


On filers running ONTAP versions older than 7.0, or when changing passwords for vfiler users or when using the Password Management UI in Operations Manager, SSH is used always (passwd command). If it is not enabled on the filer, it will fail.

When using Host User Management UI on filers running 7.0 or newer, it depends on whether HTTPS is enabled on the filer. If it is, then HTTPS will be used. If not, then HTTP will be used (to invoke useradmin-user-modify-password API).



Re: Host User Management Passwords

Precisely right - can be ssh/https from OM<-->NetApp if configured correctly. You might also want to configure Ops Mgr to do https for the front-end client browser connections.

If the customer is really queasy, you can always offer to let them sniff the traffic.